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Military Department

The Military Department studies the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in technology and provides them with the most necessary equipment. This department delivers military devices to subunits and monitors their use.

Employees of this department have direct communication with the military personnel, learning about key issues and needs directly from them. The Foundation has developed a mobile surveillance system, individual and group demining tool kits, a graphing-calculating complex ARMOR, an inclinometer, and a model of artillery weapons to strengthen the army.

Our instructors are training the military in five following directions:

shooting from closed positions;
mine safety;
control of a drone;
first aid.
The department is also organizing training for junior officers in “Management and leadership in the military subunit.”

All employees of the department are veterans of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Foundation’s instructors have already trained over 10,000 servicemen. Our specialists have trained every second Ukrainian sniper on the line of contact.

Communication Department

The Communications Department informs about the Foundation and its activities, highlights the main security events of the country, and writes about the Ukrainian army and military. This department analyzes bills, defense initiatives, procurement, and the situation at the forefront, which after February 24, 2022, has become most of Ukraine.

As of March 2022, the Facebook community of our Foundation has over 3.3 million subscribers. It is the most followed page in the Ukrainian segment of this social network. We are followed by every 5th Lviv resident, every 10th resident of Kyiv, and every 20th resident of Odesa and Dnipro. The “Come Back Alive” community on Twitter has nearly 100,000 followers as of now.

The Communication Department is also coordinating the media and technical support of the Foundation and our organization’s cooperation with the media.

Creative Department

The Creative Department – compact internal agency “Come Back Alive.”

Every day, we develop creative campaigns, social projects, integrations, collaborations with brands, and other communications activities that help Ukrainians make their army stronger and more effective.

Every year, we create charity calendars. Those have two primary goals – to raise funds to strengthen the army and to bring the topic of war into the information space. By the beginning of 2022, we have made a “Real scale” calendar for 2022. It contains 12 plots in the landscapes of Donbas, where war was taking place. The central objects of the compositions were the transformed 3D models of devices that help saving the lives of our military by making them more accurate in countering the enemy and defending Ukrainian independence.

Art is yet another tool that brings us closer to victory. The best Ukrainian artists, designers, creative managers, art directors, singers, and strategists are working together with the Foundation.

We are implementing projects that focus the attention of millions of people on important things.

Administrative Department

The Administrative Department provides sustainable work and external and internal communication of the Foundation. It is an intermediary between all departments of the organization. This department processes inquiries from citizens, partners, and Ukrainian and foreign media through all possible communication channels. It recruits team members, trains, and helps unleashing the potential of each of them. Department manages work processes and organizes events.

The department solves technical issues and automates business processes. It is also reliable support for the foundation team in times of crisis.

Veteran Department

The Veterans Department implements projects on sports rehabilitation and the development of veterans’ entrepreneurship. “Come Back Alive” is a co-organizer of the international competitions Invictus Games in The Hague (Netherlands) and Warrior Games in Orlando (USA). Furthermore, our Foundation co-organizes the veteran and volunteer forum “Where We Are – There Is Ukraine.”

In 2021, we held two veteran business forums and tested the fair format for veteran entrepreneurs for the first time. We relaunched the work of the Association of Entrepreneurs of ATO Veterans (AEVA). We are working on the concept of state support for the business of the defenders together with the Ministry of Veterans Affairs.

Our projects have assisted in the recovery of almost a thousand veterans of the war in Donbas. Fourteen of them have implemented their regional sports and mentoring projects as part of the Sports Ambassadors program.

Financial Department

The Finance Department prepares and maintains public online reports on the Foundation’s website.

In addition, we report to the State Fiscal Service, Department of Statistics, our donors, and benefactors. Also, we report and account for the items purchased and transferred to the military by the Foundation.

Everyone who has entrusted us with their money can see what we are spending it on. This increases the trust in the organization. Also, this reporting is writing the pages in the history of our victory. Every donator writes it, and we preserve it.

Analytics Department

The Analytical Department researches the non-obvious problems related to the defense of Ukraine and ways to solve them. It cooperates with the military authorities, public organizations, expert communities, and businesses. It helps to look at the problems that are common to the military environment from a different angle.
During the first four years since our establishment, we conducted seven large-scale items of research, in particular, on the current state and problems of the military communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the reasons for the dismissal of servicemen from the army, and others. We also provide methodological support for the reform of the system of territorial defense of Ukraine, promote information on its development, and develop regulatory legal acts.