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War Department

The War Department is engaged in system support and training of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Border Guard, and the State Emergency Service. Constant communication allows us to determine and implement the need quickly, strengthening the combat power.
We not only purchase devices in Ukraine and around the world and then transfer them. We develop and manufacture our unique technical products and means that sometimes change the course of hostilities in favor of Ukraine. We create and implement new educational programs, and courses that improve individual and group training.
We are a bit more than a charity foundation team. We are reliable partners and longtime friends of the entire defense sector of the state.

Development and Partnerships department

The “Come Back Alive” Development and Partnerships Department is responsible for the growth of the organization’s potential, planning and implementation of partnership projects and defining joint strategic priorities for cooperation. The department includes fundraising, international cooperation, grant management, and creative projects.
The fundraising direction builds long-term relationships with partners, attracts funds and other resources for the implementation of projects of the military department and administrative activities of the organization, to strengthen the institutional capabilities of “Come Back Alive”.
The international direction is responsible for promoting the brand and increasing competitiveness at the international level, searching for partners for cooperation. Soon “Come Back Alive” plans to open a foreign representative office for effective work in the international arena.
Working with donor organizations makes it possible to attract funds for the implementation of projects for the sports rehabilitation of veterans, the development of veteran business and conducting strategic research in the field of security and defense.
The creative direction is responsible for the implementation of the fund’s image projects, integrations and collaborations with brands, and own advertising campaigns.
The department performs the representative function of the organization in relation to the fund’s partners and socially responsible businesses.

Strategic Initiatives Department

The Strategic Initiatives Department is engaged in promoting reforms in the security and defense sector, and the formation of policies in the reintegration of veterans of the russian-Ukrainian war.
The department includes analytical, communication, and veteran departments and personnel management.
We analyze draft laws, defense initiatives, procurement and the situation on the front line, which most of Ukraine has become since February 24, 2022. And also — we create our own unique content in the form of photos, videos and texts on the website and six social networks of the organization.
The main goal of the department’s work is to make the country better and more efficient.

Finance Department

The Finance Department prepares and maintains public online reports on the Foundation’s website.

In addition, we report to the State Fiscal Service, Department of Statistics, our donors, and benefactors. Also, we report and account for the items purchased and transferred to the military by the Foundation.

Everyone who has entrusted us with their money can see what we are spending it on. This increases the trust in the organization. Also, this reporting is writing the pages in the history of our victory. Every donator writes it, and we preserve it.