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The Foundation has strengthened mobile air defense firing groups by over 260 million UAH

Photo: Oleksiy Bobovnikov / Public Relations Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

From 2023 to May 15, 2024, the Come Back Alive Foundation spent UAH 262,850,342.75 to strengthen mobile fire groups (MFG) of air defense.

Last year, Come Back Alive joined the state program to deploy mobile fire groups in newly created anti-aircraft machine gun battalions in all regions of the country and increase their effectiveness. As part of this initiative alone, the Foundation provided about 600 mobile fire groups with communications, power, thermal imaging optics and other equipment.

The assistance was provided to 106 military units from 22 regions of Ukraine: air defense units of the Land Forces, Air Force, Territorial Defense Forces, State Special Transport Service, National Guard, Navy, State Border Guard Service and others.

In total, the Come Back Alive project has delivered to the air defense units, in particular:

  • 112 new pickup trucks
  • 1855 units of optics;
  • 2587 tablets and components;
  • 820 communication equipment;
  • 248 searchlights;
  • 909 power supplies;
  • 320 laptops;
  • 195 monitors.

All equipment was purchased by the Foundation from contributions of citizens and businesses to the organization’s general accounts outside of separate public fundraisings.

The Foundation continues to work on providing the MFG with transport and equipment and will update reporting in this area on the Second Frontier of Air Defense initiative page.

Mobile fire groups are actually the second line of air defense. They are mainly used on the routes where enemy air targets try to bypass the main means of our air defense, according to the Come Back Alive website. Thanks to the transport and equipment provided by the Foundation to MFG, they destroy Shaheds and missiles that, according to the intention of the Russians, should have hit enterprises and institutions necessary for the functioning of the country.

The Foundation has been working to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense since 2016. In particular, it has helped the Air Defense units of the Land Forces with the repair and modernization of anti-aircraft missile systems, equipment of control centers, and modern communications. This significantly affected the readiness of the soldiers to repel massive enemy attacks in the first critical weeks of the new stage of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine in 2022. Since then, the Foundation has expanded its assistance to air defense to the Air Force and scaled it up.