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884 grenade launchers for the troops: who received them

The “Come Back Alive” Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army together with blogger Mykhailo Lebiga have delivered 884 FORT-600A grenade launchers to the army. Their total cost is 30,927,624 UAH.

The grenade launchers were delivered to all 31 brigades of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces, as well as to the 35th Separate Marine Brigade named after Rear Admiral Mykhailo Ostrogradsky and the 140th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion.

Mykhailo Lebiga raised UAH 20,597,035 for the weapons and transferred it to the Foundation in September. The rest is the money from the general “Come Back Alive” accounts.

“884 grenade launchers from a Ukrainian manufacturer have completely covered the needs of all the Territorial defense brigades. More than 30 more units were delivered to the marine brigades. These are very light, convenient and easy-to-use weapons that are highly effective on the battlefield. We are grateful to everyone who contributed with their hryvnias,” said Taras Chmut, director of the Come Back Alive initiative.

Last September, Mykhailo declared an “all-Ukrainian election day for Lebigovich”.  He urged his supporters to come to the imaginary ” voting stations” and vote with a donation of at least 100 hryvnias. In this way, he raised more than 20.5 million hryvnias in one day. He transferred all the money to the Come Back Alive Foundation.

In August 2023, a wave of memes about the pseudo-presidential candidate “Lebigovich” appeared on social media. During one of his Twitch streams, Mykhailo Lebiga commented on the 2004 pre-election debate between Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych. After that, his followers began to jokingly call on him to run for president.

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