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Come Back Alive is a Foundation providing competent assistance to the military. Since 2014, our key goal has been to make the Armed Forces of Ukraine more effective, save the soldiers’ lives and systematically counter the enemy. 

We want to make our Foundation’s website accessible to all population groups. We want each of us to contribute to our victory. That is why we made significant efforts to ensure that the website meets international accessibility standards. 

When developing the website, we considered the requirements and recommendations specified in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) which state accessibility standards in the United States of America and European countries are based on. WCAG contains criteria and guidelines that help make a website convenient and accessible for people with disabilities. 

We followed the A and AA level accessibility requirements during the website development. Meeting these criteria is evidence that the website primarily meets the accessibility requirements used by world practice. We have succeeded in this process and have fully or partially met most of these requirements. 

The process of implementing accessibility on the website is ongoing. Below are the identified difficulties that our team is working on. Thanks for understanding. 

Unaccessible items

  1. The reporting page is not accessible to keyboard and screen reader users, but the page is expected to be modified to improve accessibility. 
  2. It is not possible to filter materials by date due to the unavailable calendar on the Materials page. 

Partially accessible items

  1. Video content automatically pulled from YouTube and contained on the pages of some articles does not have an audio description for people with visual impairments. This video content also has no subtitles. We are currently actively working on improving video content accessibility.
  2. Some links in the materials are not sufficiently informative due to their description. We are also working on making such links more descriptive and informative.
  3. Alternative texts for some images are omitted or contain incorrect information.
  4. We are improving the structure of the headings on some pages.
  5. The Materials page and a few others have elements or texts that need contrast ratio improvement.
  6. Third-party payment solutions also have some minor accessibility issues. We have notified the solution provider about them, but unfortunately, we are not responsible for these accessibility issues.

We are in touch

 If you notice any difficulties while using this website, please contact us by writing a letter to the e-mail address: 

We will try to fix the problem that is preventing you from interacting with the website. 

The Web Accessibility Implementation Statement is valid for the current version of this website hosted on the Internet. It was updated on October 28, 2022.