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Charitable Foundation "Come Back Alive” regularly and timely reports on its activities to all philanthropists, government agencies and Ukrainian society.


Russian troops officially invaded Ukraine. These attacks resulted in hundreds of injuries and deaths of Ukrainian citizens. Ukrainians need you now more than ever. Do not believe the propaganda of those who are invading us. Check out our most trusted sources with real-time updates: Svidomi

We fully respect this position. Our organization aims to save lives, not endanger them. We help provide the Ukrainian Army with laptops, flashlights, photographic equipment, cables and repair services. Our funds and resources as well.

Our financial reporting is fully transparent. We at Come Back Alive are proud of our mission and values. You can check our reporting at the page Reporting.

No. Not at all. The Ukrainian army is courageously defending the country from the enemy, but it needs your help. Different needs arise every minute. Every hryvnia counts.  

No part of our funding goes to weapons intended for killing people. We fund exclusively defense strategies, including medical care, ammunition and defense analytics.