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About the Foundation

Come Back Alive is both a charitable foundation dedicated to providing competent assistance to the Ukrainian military and a non-profit organization focused on security and defense sector analytics, as well as implementing projects for veteran rehabilitation through sports.

The Come Back Alive Foundation has been operational since 2014. Our primary objective is to enhance the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, save the lives of our servicemen, and systematically counteract the enemy. To achieve this, the Foundation procures equipment, including thermal optics, drones, vehicles, and surveillance and reconnaissance systems. Come Back Alive is also the first charity organization in Ukraine authorized to purchase and import military and dual-purpose goods. Among other procurements, our team acquired and delivered to the defense units the Bayraktar TB2 UAV system, 11 specialized armored vehicles, and 1,460 7.62-mm caliber machine guns.

Our instructors have trained over 10,000 highly skilled military specialists, including EOD professionals, snipers, drone operators, and infantry weaponry experts. They also provide first-aid training and set up medical training complexes within the Armed Forces. Additionally, they assist with confidential missions, details of which we will disclose after Ukraine’s victory.

The Come Back Alive Non-Profit Organization was established in 2017. The organization conducts analytical research that forms the basis for future state-wide decisions in the defense sector and implements projects focused on veteran rehabilitation through sports.

In 2019, at the request of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Commander-in-Chief, our Analytics Division conducted research into the problem of qualified personnel leaving the military, titled “Why Are Servicemen Leaving the Armed Forces?”. In 2021, we contributed to the development of the legal framework for the deployment of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Additionally, we studied the needs of veterans running their own businesses and explored both national and global practices in physical and sports rehabilitation.

Our most significant research works include such titles as “Generalization and Assessment of Territorial Defense Forces Application Experience in 2022″, “No Alternative. Ukraine’s Full Fledged NATO Membership Is the Only Efficient Security Guarantee”, and “Transformation of Russian Statehood”. These works, among others, are available on our website.

Come Back Alive has been co-organizing Team Ukraine’s preparation and participation in the international Invictus Games since 2019. Specialists from our Veteran Division coordinate the tryouts and provide qualified support to the team throughout both the preparation stage and the Games themselves, specifically in Hague, Netherlands in 2022 and Düsseldorf, Germany in 2023.

The CBA team also runs the SportAmbassadors project, aimed at creating a community of veteran leaders who are able to encourage other veterans to engage in adaptive sports.

Since 2018, Come Back Alive has also been a co-organizer of the annual International Veterans’ Forum in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since 2014 (as of September 2023), the Foundation has raised over 263 million dollars for the needs of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. We maintain transparent financial reporting, allowing for easy tracking of every donation and purchase.