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Come Back Alive General Assembly

Supervisory Board

Taras Chmut


Taras Chmut

Oleg Karpenko

Deputy director

Oleg Karpenko

Executive office

Executive Office Coordinator

Maxim Zinchuk

Показати структуру

- Come Back Alive Nongovernmental Organization

- Come Back Alive International Charitable Foundation

General assembly

The highest governing body, it approves Come Back Alive’s primary objectives, appoints and terminates the director and members of the Supervisory Board, and ratifies CBA’s reports.

Supervisory board

The Board tracks CBA’s financial reporting and use of its assets. It sets the primary directions for resource acquisition, approves and monitors the budgeting processes, strategy, long-term plans, and policies. This includes policies related to gender equality, non-discrimination, environmental concerns, conflict of interest, and more.

Executive office

This unit manages the organizational, logistical, and various other needs of the CBA’s departments and staff. It takes care of physical and digital security, office environment, CBA’s assets, personnel structure, and introduction of internal policies. Overall, its job is to create optimal working conditions for the entire team so they can effectively fulfill the Come Back Alive’s mission.

War department

The department focuses on the systematic procurement and personnel training for the Defense Forces of Ukraine during the Russo-Ukrainian War. Its team maintains regular communication with military units, identifies their needs and addresses them, enhancing the combat strength of our defenders. Beyond procurement and logistics, the department also pioneers unique technical products and tools that, at times, alter the trajectory of combat operations to Ukraine’s advantage. Our specialists devise and roll out new training programs and courses to enhance both the individual and collective preparedness of military personnel.

Development and partnerships department

This department oversees fundraising, international cooperation, communications, and marketing. It’s responsible for expanding the organization’s potential, planning and implementing partnership projects, and defining collaborative strategic priorities. Its specialists build long-term relationships with partners and attract resources for the foundation and the non-profit’s projects, as well as its administrative functions and strengthening institutional capabilities. The department runs fundraising campaigns of various scales, both on its own and in collaboration with businesses and stakeholders. Its team also creates unique content for the organization’s website and social media.

Strategic initiatives department

This department includes the Analytics and Veteran Divisions. Its team conducts strategic research and advocates for reforms in the security and defense sector. They assess legislative projects, defense initiatives, state procurements, and the progression of combat operations. The department is instrumental in shaping policies for the reintegration of veterans of the Russo-Ukrainian War into society and implements projects focused on the veteran rehabilitation through sports.

Finance department

This department manages public online reporting, as well as tax and financial reporting to the State Fiscal Service agencies, statistical bodies, our donors, and benefactors. Additionally, it oversees procurements and the transfer of assets to the Defense Forces of Ukraine.