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Mission and values

We are saving lives and making history alongside you.

We are working to make the Armed Forces of Ukraine more effective. We are buying equipment that helps saving the lives of our soldiers and are making the actions of the military in counteracting the enemy more accurate. We are implementing projects aimed at reintegrating veterans and are influencing the social processes to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities. We develop analytics in the defense field while contributing to the development of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces.

Values of the Foundation


Joint success consists of individual results. Everyone is doing their own work efficiently, and on time, hackwork is unacceptable. If the work cannot be done on time, notify us about this before it becomes a problem. Remember: everyone’s decision, action, and word affect the reputation of the Foundation and your colleagues.

Mutual help

We have common goals, so we are eager to help each other with work if necessary. We do not put our work on others, and we do not abuse the resources and time of our colleagues.


We consider every decision for a long time, the importance of our cause obliges us to do so: to influence the course of the war, to form the consciousness of Ukrainians, to preserve the country. But when the decision is made, we act boldly and effectively because the cause of “Come Back Alive” has historical significance.


The Foundation requires hard work, but it is definitely not yet another job: the level of payment and comfort is our secondary concern. Each of us has proved this by our own example.


We do not have the hidden meanings behind our words and deeds, we do not manipulate, and we do not lie to each other. We hold discussions simply and timely, we express opinions directly and honestly. This is how we maintain healthy relations within the Foundation.


The only way to change something in the world is to change yourself. We are constantly looking for new areas for our own growth and improvement.

Strategic Goals

To implement our mission, we are focusing on the following strategic goals:


Prevent fires, not put them out


Gain resilience against external threats through the systematic development of the foundation’s capacities


Become a tangible “positive stimulus” for the country


Development of the “Come Back Alive” brand and institutional development of the organization