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Annual report 2023

The “Come Back Alive” team’s 2023 report was structured in the format of a project-map of the Foundation, symbolizing and representing the organization’s path for the year. On this map, we visualized the key achievements of the community who support our work every day: the largest projects, collaborations with businesses, financial indicators, and equipment procured for the Defense Forces.


Effective work of any organisation is impossible without clear priorities, plans, and clear «rules of the game». Since the creation of the Come Back Alive Foundation, we have been adhering to these principles that make our Foundation the one you know.


The Foundation’s reporting shows every donation and expenditure in detail in real time. Every benefactor, whether an individual or a business, can track our expenses from any corner of the world where there is an internet connection. We systematically report about our activities to all donors and regulatory authorities.


Fundraising for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is always separate from raising charitable contributions for the Foundation’s operational activities. The Foundation raises funds for administrative expenses among the organization’s supporters, such as responsible businesses and concerned citizens.


The Foundation’s employees and members of the Supervisory Board may not be members of parties, hold public office, or engage in any political campaigning. They can express their own opinions and interact with politicians, provided that this does not involve the use of the Foundation’s resources in favour of political groups.


We communicate with the commanders of individual units and the higher military command, which means we have the opportunity to interact with the Armed Forces of Ukraine more effectively and gain in-depth knowledge of the needs and development strategy of the army. Before any purchase, we weigh our own capabilities, and check the objective need for the purchase and the cost of the purchase. We look for weaknesses in defence and try to respond to them quickly. Come Back Alive works with complex requests from unit commanders and does not provide targeted assistance. Donations, just like investments, have their own return on investment. In our case, this indicator is measured by the effectiveness of the soldiers on the battlefield. We work to convert the funds we receive into the most effective results.


Since 2014, the Foundation has been responding promptly to the needs of the Armed Forces that cannot be met by the state. We transfer machinery and equipment with the relevant documents directly to military units, which put the obtained equipment on their balance sheets. In 2023, the priority was technologically sophisticated military equipment: thermal imagers, night vision devices, quadcopters, vehicles, scopes, radio stations, tablets for artillerymen, and engineering equipment. Our consistency and systematic approach help the army understand that they can turn to the Foundation for help 24/7.

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The project was developed by

Alina Polyakova, Artem Gusev, Anna Pronicheva, Kateryna Hostiunina
Design: Gusev Art Lab