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Needles for a porcupine

Capabilities requirements for the Defense Forces of Ukraine to ensure deterrence effect based on the combat experience after February 24, 2022

10 Dec 2023, 07:38

Protest dynamics and the Kremlin state capacity to reaction and countermeasures

This document is a public (abbreviated) part of the closed research under the title “Transformation of Russian Statehood” conducted by the Analytical Department NGO “Come Back Alive!”.

28 Jul 2023, 12:50

No alternative. Ukraine’s full fledged NATO membership is the only efficient security guarantee

Ukrainian partners, among them NATO members, have number of prejudices regarding Ukraine’s full fledged membership in NATO. Our document suggests change of approach as to how guarantee Ukrainian security and prevent further Russian attempts to impose upon world security architecture on its own terms.

07 Jul 2023, 15:17

Generalization and assessment of Territorial Defense Forces application experience in 2022

This policy brief contains a succinct history of development and application of Territorial Defense Forces (TDF) after 24 February 2022.

06 Jul 2023, 06:57

Territorial Defence of Ukraine. Background, current state and way forward

This research describes the development and evolution of Ukraine’s territorial defence since the country’s independence. It also offers the alternative options for the future development of territorial defence that were relevant as of the first half of 2021.

16 May 2021, 11:49

Why are servicemen leaving the Armed Forces?

This research is focused on the issues due to which the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose qualified personnel. Qualitative and quantitative research methods have been used for this research. The qualitative research method included interviews with personnel in combat units and the military command & control (C2) bodies that are dealing with human resources matters.

01 Mar 2020, 10:08