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Protest dynamics and the Kremlin state capacity to reaction and countermeasures

This document is a public (abbreviated) part of the closed research under the title “Transformation of Russian Statehood” conducted by the Analytical Department NGO “Come Back Alive!”.

The research shows the need to transform Russian statehood as the main and almost the only way to level the existential threat posed by the Russian Federation to Ukraine. In this context, we are talking about the need for an in-depth study of Russia as a heterogeneous entity, the use of scientific approaches for this, and current data collection and analysis methods.

Also, the research is designed to update the discourse of the professional community regarding the understanding of the acceptable criteria for determining the victory of Ukraine in the liberation war against Russia and to become an impetus for an in-depth study of the Russian Federation to further level the threats from it not only to Ukraine and the region but also to the whole world.

This document describes the socio-political block of research in the part that can be published. We are talking about methods of studying the deprivation of the population and measuring the capacity of the Russian Federation in the regions. The full text of the research is not public. It is primarily intended for key stakeholders — the military-political leadership, profile representatives of the Security Forces and Defense Forces of Ukraine, etc.

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