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"Come Back Alive" and OKKO handed over the first Pullstron to the Army

The Come Back Alive Foundation and OKKO filling station network have delivered the first Pullstron to the Air Assault Forces. The reconnaissance and destruction complex is already operating in the 80th separate airborne assault brigade.

The Pullstron consists of about 40 items of various types of equipment, including

  • pickup trucks
  • reconnaissance UAVs
  • attack drones with a warhead;
  • car and portable radio stations
  • laptops
  • backup power supplies;
  • Starlink kits;
  • night vision devices, etc.

Pullstron has already been deployed in the Bakhmut sector. This assistance is critical for reconnaissance, fire adjustment and battle management. And we thank everyone who contributed to the project. You will find out about the result of this support soon,” the 80th Airmobile Brigade said in a Facebook post.

The Come Back Alive Foundation and OKKO are raising UAH 500 million for the Air Assault Forces as part of the third joint project, Eye for an Eye 3. 

UAH 50 million for the first Pullstron was accumulated in March this year.

“Each of thes e reconnaissance and destruction complexes has bombers with a thermal imaging camera and a warhead, FPV drones, including a multiple drop system, as well as communications, night vision devices, pickups and everything necessary to detect and destroy the enemy both day and night,” says Oleh Karpenko, Deputy Director of the Come Back Alive Foundation.

In total, the Air Assault Forces will receive 10 combat Pullstrons.

“Strengthening the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been one of our company’s priorities since the full-scale invasion. Eye for an Eye is our flagship project, which has already provided artillery brigades and reconnaissance units with 25 Shark reconnaissance systems, and the troop transport brigades with machine guns, mortars and grenade launchers. “Now our task is to deliver 10 reconnaissance and destruction systems to the Air Assault Forces,” comments Vasyl Dmytriv, OKKO Vice President for Marketing, “We thank all the drivers who have been filling their cars with PULLS fuel for the second year in a row and joining the support of the Armed Forces. Special thanks to those businesses who contribute to the project by making donations.”

You can support the “Eye for an Eye 3” project by transferring money to a special account or donating to the “bank“. Also, by refueling at all OKKO filling stations with branded fuel: 1 hryvnia from each liter of Pulls 95 or Pulls Diesel automatically goes to the reconnaissance and destruction complexes for the Air Assault Forces.