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How and why the Kremlin is holding "elections" in the occupied territories

The Kremlin is preparing to hold so-called elections in the occupied territories of Ukraine on Russia's Single Election Day on 10 September 2023. The "elections", which will be held in two dozen russian regions, are planned for all the occupied territories. The only difference is that in the Crimea, voters will have to "elect" a representative to the Russian State Duma and the Ternovska Municipal Council of Sevastopol.

30 Aug 2023, 11:40

"Ukraine will not win if it only fights back" 

On July 25, analysts of "Come Back Alive" presented the study "Transformation of Russian Statehood". The work contains an analysis of ways to study Russia and its regions in depth, ways to find its weaknesses in the socio-security, diplomatic, information and cultural, cyber and economic dimensions, as well as recommendations for further action.

28 Jul 2023, 14:00

Що робити з трофеями, які здобувають українські захисники на полі бою

What to do with trophies earned by Ukrainian defenders on the battlefield

Recently the mass media has exploded with headlines such as "there are already more tanks in Ukraine than at the beginning of combat operations." Ukrainian defenders continue to seize new military trophies. However, not everything can be taken into battle and used against the enemy here and now. Some of the trophies need major repairs, which cannot be fully launched in Ukraine (at least in the conditions of this intensity of fighting that we are seeing now).

02 May 2022, 14:03