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560 commanders complete "Captains' Training" over a year

Фото: Сили територіальної оборони ЗСУ

The sixth “Captains’ Training” course for company commanders and battalion staff officers has been completed in the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces.

The project was launched at the end of last year. Since then, 560 officers have been trained under its program. In particular, 29 representatives of the National Guard, 8 from the Air Assault Forces, and the rest are officers of the Territorial Defense Forces.

During the two-month course, company, platoon and battalion staff officers from all regions of Ukraine study battle planning procedures: Troop Leading Procedures, Military Decision Making Process, share combat experience and develop leadership skills. In addition, the students take an online course on the use of technology in warfare from Victory Drones and practice using the Kropyva software.

The Captains’ Training Course program was developed based on NATO standards and taking into account the experience of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The course instructors have combat experience and have been trained in the UK.

“The most important link of commanders in the army is company commanders who manage battles, lead, they are officers of units defending every stronghold and position, not allowing the enemy to gain an advantage and not retreating. It is exactly these commanders who are taking part in the Captains’ Training Course. The knowledge and skills they acquire here will help them effectively plan a battle and save the lives of their soldiers. And to move together to victory,” says Major General Anatoliy Bargylevych, Commander of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The course is supported by the Come Back Alive Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army and its partners: IT company Genesis, multi-product IT company SKELAR, as well as Headway, appflame, AMO and Universe.

“For more than a year of its operation, the Captain’s Training Course has proven to be highly effective. Its students say it is the best training they have ever received. More than half a thousand platoon and company commanders and battalion combat command officers have received it. They are already applying the new knowledge and skills. This is bringing results on the battlefield,” said Taras Chmut, director of the Come Back Alive Foundation.

“Genesis supports the development of military education and leadership in the army, because we believe it can give Ukraine a significant advantage on the battlefield. Investments in education and human security are the most valuable. That is why we and our partner companies systematically support this project. Together with Come Back Alive, we have also launched a crowdfunding initiative to equip brigades whose officers have completed the training with aerial reconnaissance equipment,” comments Genesis CEO Volodymyr Mnoholyetnyi.

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