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"Come Back Alive" hands over 10 maintenance workshops to the Army

Фото: Ірина Клєщова, Фонд «Повернись живим»

The “Come Back Alive” Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army has handed over two mobile maintenance workshops to the Logistics Forces Command. Their total cost is UAH 29,619,463.68.

Mobile maintenance workshops were developed by the Foundation’s specialists with consideration of experience, feedback, and by orders of the military. Each workshop is equipped not only with standard maintenance tools, but also with additional equipment: a manipulator, generator, compressor, and mobile tire changer. This allows their crews to repair Western military vehicles in the field: American HMMWV, Cougar, MaxxPro, Oshkosh, Turkish Kirpi, Australian Bushmaster, British Mastiff and Husky, etc.

“Mobile maintenance workshops speed up and simplify the repair of armored vehicles and other military equipment. For example, we used to pick up wheels from units, perform tire fitting and bring them back. Now we arrive at the site and repair and maintain the wheelbase, engine and everything else in the field,” says Dmytro, a platoon commander of the vehicle repair unit. “Our regiment operates in different areas of the frontline. Until February 24, we performed 500 repairs a year, now we service about 1,500 vehicles a month.”

In total, in 2022-2023, Come Back Alive has already handed over 10 mobile maintenance workshops to the army.

In September, two of them were delivered to the Marines of the Ukrainian Navy and the Air Assault Forces. The Foundation purchased them for the money raised by the people of Poland on Bayraktar for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Turkish company Baykar donated the unmanned system to the Ukrainian Defense Forces for free, and asked to donate the funds to charitable organizations. zł 5.13 million and $600 thousand were donated to Come Back Alive. With this amount, the Foundation also purchased a mobile modular camp for the Training Center of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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