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"Come Back Alive" reinforced the "Offensive Guard" by almost UAH 123 million

UAH 122,837,785.09 was spent by the Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army “Come Back Alive” in February-September 2023 to help eight brigades of the “Offensive Guard”.

Almost 109.5 million hryvnias of the total amount was spent to provide supplies to the National Guard of Ukraine. The rest went to the State Border Guard Service and the National Police.

The Foundation has provided Azov, Spartan, Rubizh, Chervona Kalyna, Kara-Dag, Bureviy, Stalevyi Kordon and Lyut with communications, intelligence and surveillance equipment, thermal imagers, generators, etc. 

“Thanks to the help of hundreds of thousands of people, the Come Back Alive team has invested heavily in the summer offensive campaign of the Defense Forces. More than 2 billion hryvnias were spent to provide the entire army with the most necessary equipment: weapons, drones, intelligence and surveillance equipment, communications, sniper and demining equipment. “Almost 123 million of this amount is to help the 8 brigades of the Offensive Guard and their soldiers,” says Andriy Nahornyi, head of the military department of the Come Back Alive Foundation. “When the recruitment campaign for the Offensive Guard started, my colleagues and I already had contact with the commanders of most of the brigades, and we quickly established contact with the rest of them to provide assistance in the areas the Foundation is working on and where there is an urgent need. We emphasized the provision of communications, thermal imaging, reconnaissance and situational awareness equipment. This is something that is crucial in modern warfare and something our team has been doing for many years. And it is yielding results on the battlefield right now.”

In total, Come Back Alive has delivered to the brigades of the Offensive Guard:

  • 1350 radio stations and 7 radio scanners;
  • 239 units of thermal imaging and daylight optics;
  • 119 quadcopters of various modifications and 1 Leleka-100 unmanned aerial vehicle;
  • 151 charging stations and 144 generators;
  • 238 laptops and 94 Starlink terminals.

In addition, there is sniper equipment, protective gear and hundreds of pieces of demining equipment: probes, demining kits, devices for remote mine and ammunition disposal, etc.