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"Come Back Alive" and Timothy Garton Ash deliver drones and night optics to the Army

Тімоті Ґартон Еш передав дрони та нічну оптику комбату Андрію Підлісному. Фото: «Повернись живим»

The Come Back Alive Foundation and British historian and professor of European Studies at Oxford University Timothy Garton Ash have handed over equipment worth 2,751,943 UAH to the soldiers of the 409th separate rifle battalion of the 22nd separate mechanized brigade.

The military received: 4 DJI Mavic 3T quadcopters, 10 thermal imaging monoculars, 10 night vision monoculars and mounts for the night vision goggles, and 4 Minox monoculars.

In early May, Timothy Garton Ash donated 50 thousand Canadian dollars, or UAH 1,437,832.72, to the Come Back Alive initiative. The professor donated his prize as the winner of the Lionel Gelber Prize 2024 to help the Ukrainian army.

“I can’t imagine a better use of the prize for a book on modern European history than to donate it to equip Ukraine’s armed forces to win. After all, nothing less than the future of Europe is at stake in this war,” says Timothy Garton Ash.

Professor Timothy Garton Ash came to Ukraine to present the Ukrainian edition of his book “Native Lands. The History of Europe through Personal Perception” published in Kharkiv by Vivat Publishing House. In the book, the author reveals the historical path of the European continent from the end of World War II to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine and the present. He writes about the preconditions and consequences of the war for the whole of Europe, and points out the long-standing nature of Putin’s plans to revive the empire. 

For this work, the author won the Lionel Gelber Prize 2024, a literary award for the world’s best nonfiction book in English on international relations.

This is not the first time Timothy Garton Ash has visited Ukraine. In particular, in December 2022 and last year in February, he gave lectures at the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Timothy Garton Ash is also the author of 10 other books on the modern history of Europe and many articles on modern Ukraine.

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