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“Protect the Sky – Boost Air Defense”: We Are Raising 330 million UAH for Air Defense Communications

Військовий у шоломі дивиться в бінокль

We are launching “Protect the Sky – Boost Air Defense” joint charitable project by Nova Post and the Come Back Alive Foundation. The goal is to raise 330 million hryvnias for air defense communications and mobile command posts for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The equipment will help the defenders of the sky to always be in touch and respond to enemy attacks even faster.

The raised funds will purchase:

Mobile fire group backpacks: light and functional bags containing all the necessary types of communication;

— Mobile command posts: a transformer workplace in a 60 kg case for the defenders of the sky;

Complex communication facilities: equipped with the necessary telecommunications equipment and comfortable workplaces for the military working with anti-aircraft missile systems;

Transportable command posts: off-road trucks to command troops while moving; universal work and rest places for defenders.

“The goal is to reduce the time from target detection to its destruction from minutes to seconds,” says Taras Chmut, Director of the Come Back Alive Foundation. “The project aims to improve anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense against cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and Shahed drones. It will increase the probability of the target destruction with improved reaction time, dependable communication, and reliable command of troops. The air defense will demonstrate better speed, controllability, and stability. For the first time, the Foundation, together with a large business, is implementing a complex project to modernize the means of communication, control and targeting for the Air Force. It will affect the entire vertical: from mobile fire groups and anti-aircraft missile system batteries to the military commands of divisions, regiments or brigades.”

How to support the project?

  • buy limited edition packaging at Nova Post branches – 10 hryvnias from each box sold and 5 hryvnias from each mailer or envelope sold will be donated to the Come Back Alive Foundation for the project;
  • use parcel lockers – 10 hryvnias from each shipment will be donated to the project;
  • donate via the project landing page, the Nova Post application or directly at the branch;
  • put your donation into the dedicated Monobank “jar”.

“This May has proven that Ukrainian air defense now is better than ever, so the enemy is actively working to exhaust it. Our common task is to help the defenders of the sky, ensure the anti-aircraft defense stays resistant to attacks, and also provide guaranteed and stable communication,” says Vyacheslav Klymov, co-owner of Nova Post.

Join the charitable project of Nova Post and the Come Back Alive Foundation: pack your stress into a donation!