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Marines received 25 sets of thermal imaging aerial reconnaissance

The Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army “Come Back Alive” together with Ukreximbank have delivered 25 sets of thermal imaging aerial reconnaissance equipment to the Marine brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

UAH 18,276,905 was raised for the equipment as part of the Targeting project. The initiative started last year on November 30 and ended on March 1, 2024.

The 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th separate marine brigades and the 140th separate reconnaissance battalion received 5 sets each, with each set consisting of

  • 3 DJI Mavic 3 thermal;
  • a tablet with a memory card and a pouch
  • an antenna for signal amplification;
  • 15 batteries and 15 flash drives;
  • charging station.

With the help of this equipment, the Marines can more effectively adjust their fire and identify enemy positions.

“The thermal imaging aerial reconnaissance kits enable the Marines to work effectively at night. It is at night that the enemy moves equipment, transports the wounded, replenishes ammunition, etc. Thanks to the signal amplification antennas, the fighters can control the drones from cover, and they are also more resistant to electronic warfare. Such kits are a proven solution. They have shown themselves well on the battlefield,” says Andriy Nahornyi, head of the military department at the Come Back Alive Foundation.

“25 sets of night aerial reconnaissance for the Armed Forces – done. The speed of closing the multimillion-dollar fundraising in the first joint project of Ukreximbank and Come Back Alive shows that our citizens and businesses continue to put the needs of the military first. Thanks to our customers and the Foundation, we have increased the amount of aid available to the bank fivefold. Together we are strong! We hope that the Ukrainian marine brigades will be safer while performing combat missions at night, and the occupiers will have no chance to go unnoticed. We continue to work. Glory to Ukraine!” said Serhiy Yermakov, Chairman of the Management Board of Ukreximbank.

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