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«OKO ZA OKO». «Come Back Alive» and OKKO launched a common initiative to buy 25 unmanned systems «SHARK»

The total cost of the project, UAH 325 million (USD 8 million), includes 75 drones, 25 cars and the same number of launchers. At the same time, 25 UAVs are additional and will be in reserve for prompt replacement of those lost in battles. «It is this kind of approach with thinking several steps ahead that is a competent help to the Army», Taras Chmut, director of «Come Back Alive», says

The Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army «Come Back Alive» and the OKKO filling stations network have launched a common initiative «OKO ZA OKO», which aims to purchase 25 reconnaissance unmanned aerial systems «SHARK». The total cost of the project is UAH 325 000 000.

From each liter of PULLS 95 or PULLS Diesel fuel that Ukrainian drivers will refuel their vehicles at OKKO, 1 hryvnia will be automatically transferred to the unmanned aerial systems «SHARK». A special account of the initiative can also be used for additional donations.   

«We will purchase not just reconnaissance drones, but a unique development created by the specialists of our Foundation, UAV manufacturers «Ukrspecsystems» and Pulsar Expo, which provides the project with special vehicles that we will jointly turn into ground control stations,» said Andriy Rymaruk, director of the war department of the «Come Back Alive» foundation.  

Each of the 25 complexes of the «OKO ZA OKO» project will consist of: 

  • ground station with a control point based on a comfortable and cross-country minibus;
  • 2 UAVs «SHARK», resistant to EW and difficult weather conditions;
  • catapults. 

«The price of one complex is UAH 13 million. And the total cost of the project UAH 325 million also includes 25 additional UAVs that will be in reserve for the rapid replacement of those lost in combat. This approach of thinking several steps ahead is competent assistance to the army. The ground control station in the form of a fully equipped 4×4 vehicle will help the pilots to choose the best points for the takeoff, and the latest algorithms of the UAV software «SHARK” will provide the complex with better operation in the conditions of electronic warfare», – comments Taras Chmut, director of «Come Back Alive».    

The complexes purchased with the help of Ukrainians will be distributed by the Foundation based on the current situation at the front line and recommendations of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since the systems are high-class special equipment, they will be used, in particular, by separate reconnaissance battalions, special forces, and units that adjust long-range artillery as part of infantry brigades. 

«Refueling a vehicle is an everyday thing, but even it can work for victory. For us, it is especially important to turn our PULLS fuel into revenge against the enemy, so we give 1 UAH from each liter. Every fourth car refueling in Ukraine takes place at OKKO, so we will soon be able to prove what a force we are together with our community of drivers,» adds Vasyl Dmytriv, Marketing Director of OKKO network. 

OKKO filling stations network (Concern Galnaftogaz) is a part of OKKO Group and is one of the largest filling networks in Ukraine. The structure of the company also includes catering facilities on the road, stationary and mobile laboratories for quality control of petroleum products, etc. Since the first days of the large-scale russian invasion OKKO has been supporting the defense and reconstruction of the country. As of the end of September, the total amount of donations provided with the assistance of the company amounted to UAH 138.5 million.

For 8 months, the company has been feeding the military in hot spots free of charge at its filling stations, providing fuel to volunteers/funds, participating in the reconstruction of the de-occupied districts of Kyiv and Chernihiv regions, in particular, restored 4 educational institutions in Kyiv region, and purchased 5 resuscitation vehicles.

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