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Over $900 million in damage to russia: "Come Back Alive" reveals what`s in "Black Box"

Last year, the Army Competent Assistance Foundation “Come Back Alive” purchased Ukrainian-made Beaver drones for the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine as part of the Black Box initiative. This is not the only component of the project, but it is something that can already be voiced.

“This barrage munition is capable of destroying important enemy military targets at operational, tactical and strategic depths at a distance of up to 800 kilometers. Thanks to this and other means from the Black Box, we have been reducing the enemy’s offensive potential,” a member of one of the DIU’s special forces, call sign Kolibri, said about the Beaver UAV.

The fundraising for the Black Box project, which aims to reduce the enemy’s offensive potential, was announced by Come Back Alive and blogger Ihor Lachenkov on November 15, 2022. Without disclosing any details, they managed to accumulate UAH 230 million for the project.

“What’s in the Black Box?” We have been hearing this question since the project started, and today, exactly one year after the initiative began, we are ready to answer it. Together with Ihor Lachenkov, we are raising UAH 15,000,000 for the DIU soldiers who work directly with the “box”. As soon as the amount is accumulated, we will partially reveal the contents of the Black Box,” the Foundation’s press service said on the morning of November 15. 

Ukrainians raised the entire amount needed for the DIU fighters on the “monobank” in just over a day. For these 15 million hryvnias, the Foundation will purchase vehicles with components for Kolibri and other fighters who work with the Black Box. The vehicles will increase the mobility of the Special Forces and allow them to more effectively “get” the occupiers. 

In the first 8 months of 2023, the Black Box caused more than $900 million in damage to the enemy, according to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. “Beaver” successfully performed missions in Crimea, in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and at military facilities on enemy territory. For example, it hit an important enterprise of the enemy’s military-industrial complex – a plant for the production of electronics for missiles such as X-31, X-35 and X-59, which are launched from tactical aircraft. He also hit a storage facility where Russians stored missile parts for Iskander ballistic missile systems. 

“In fact, the Black Box is the Foundation’s first major investment in Ukrainian long-range kamikaze drones,” comments Taras Chmut, director of the Come Back Alive Foundation. “Last summer we purchased 10 UAVs from the manufacturer for UAH 40 million, which were donated by patrons to our general accounts. When we saw that they were giving good results, we decided to scale up the project, launch production, and started a public fundraiser. Thanks to the trust in Come Back Alive, we raised UAH 230 million in less than a month. Another 10 million was added from general accounts. The Foundation’s team is very pleased with the result, because in total, UAH 280 million has already caused more than $900 million in damage to the enemy. This is a tremendous result in reducing the offensive potential of the occupation forces!”

Last year, the entire Ukrainian society – citizens and businesses, including PLVision, EVA, Intellias, COMFY, Sombra, Uptech, MTI hi-tech distribution, Uklon, ELEKS, and others – joined the collection for the Black Box project.

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