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“Protect the Sky – Boost Air Defense”: Air forces of Ukraine receive first wearable communication and control kit

Фото: Анатолій Гаєвський, фонд «Повернись живим»

The Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army “Come Back Alive” has handed over the first batch of equipment to the air defense units of the Air Command “Center” as part of the “Protect the Sky – Boost Air Defense” project with Nova Poshta.

The first of dozens of wearable communication and control kits are already in operation to ensure that the defenders of Ukraine’s sky can respond to air threats in seconds rather than minutes.

These suitcases are equipped with all the necessary telecommunications and office equipment, and can be easily folded into a modern mobile command post with workplaces for our soldiers. And they are just one of the 4 components of the “Protect the Sky – Boost Air Defense” project.

“Modern warfare requires modern solutions. Communication and automation are what we are moving towards. This kit allows you to deploy a mobile control center anywhere, anytime and under any conditions,” says Oleksiy Dubynka, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a consultant for the Come Back Alive Foundation.

“In the current situation, the efficiency of decision-making and command of units take center stage. This is especially true when it comes to air combat. The new modern equipment will help us in performing combat missions. It will allow us to change location and position in a short time and not depend on the main sources of power and supply,” says an Armed Forces fighter, who will not be named.

The “Protect the Sky – Boost Air Defense” project was launched in June 2023. “Come Back Alive” together with Nova Poshta are raising UAH 330 million to strengthen air defense and provide the Air Command “Center” with modern communications equipment and mobile control points. So far, it was possible to accumulate more than 190 million.

As part of the project, the Foundation plans to purchase:

  • backpacks for the mobile fire team: lightweight and functional at the same time, as they contain all the necessary types of communication;
  • portable command posts: a transforming workplace for the defenders of the sky, which is placed in a 60 kg case;
  • integrated hardware communications: will accompany air defense missile systems, include the necessary telecommunication equipment and have comfortable workplaces for the military;
  • mobile command posts: passable trucks that allow commanding troops on the move; universal work and resting places for defenders.

To join in the fundraiser, buy limited edition packaging at Nova Poshta outlets: UAH 10 from each box sold and UAH 5 from each package and envelope for documents will be transferred to the Come Back Alive Foundation. You can also use postal machines – for each shipment or delivery, Nova Poshta donates 10 hryvnias to the project. You can donate through a special account on the initiative’s landing page, in the Nova Poshta app, or directly at a post office, or transfer funds to a “piggy bank”.