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"Protect the Sky - Boost Air Defense": 330 million raised for Air Defense communications

The “Come Back Alive” Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army and Nova Poshta have raised UAH 330 million to strengthen air defence as part of the “Protect the Sky – Boost Air Defense” project.

The initiative started on June 1 and ended on December 26. 

The funds raised by Nova Poshta and the Foundation will be used to support the Center Air Command:

  • backpacks for the mobile fire team, which are equipped with all the necessary types of communication;
  • portable command posts – transformer workplaces for the defenders of the sky, which are placed in cases weighing 60 kg;
  • complex communication hardware, complete with the necessary telecommunications equipment and comfortable workplaces for the military. They will accompany the air defence missile systems; 
  • mobile command posts – passable trucks that allow commanding troops on the move, universal work and resting places for defenders.

“This project increases the effectiveness of air and missile defence – from mobile firing groups, batteries of anti-aircraft missile systems, to military command of divisions, regiments or brigades. Providing the Center AMC with communication backpacks, complex communication hardware, and portable and mobile command posts will reduce the time from target detection to destruction from minutes to seconds. All components of the project fit together like a construction set. For example, even if we get a new anti-aircraft missile system in the arsenal, the entire system will work with it,” says Taras Chmut, director of the Come Back Alive Foundation. 

“As today’s life shows, communication is crucial for all spheres of life. And communication between air defence units literally saves the lives of each of us. We understood this from the beginning of the Protect the Sky – Boost Air Defense project. As well as we understood the fact that the process of producing such modern equipment for the military is very complex, long and expensive. But at Nova Poshta, we love challenges and know that nothing is impossible. Despite all the difficulties, the goal we set together with “Come Back Alive” has been achieved. I am confident that now the defenders of the sky are even stronger and the enemy will not be able to disrupt them,” said Vyacheslav Klymov, co-owner of Nova Poshta.

In October, “Come Back Alive” and Nova Poshta delivered the first batch of portable communication and control kits to the air defence units. The defenders also received telecommunication kits and related equipment. 

The telecommunication kits are a backpack-sized autonomous hub for easy transportation with secure communication channels. So if one or even several of these channels fail, the crew of the mobile fire team will still be able to receive orders, information about the target’s movement and other data to destroy it in time.