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Territorial Defense Forces Receive 200 Heavy Machine Guns

Фото: Євген Солонина, фонд «Повернись живим»

Come Back Alive, the Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Ukrainian Army, provided the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine with 200 heavy machine guns. This is the inaugural batch of the “OKO ZA OKO 2. Arm TDF to the Teeth” project a collaboration between Come Back Alive and OKKO Gas Station Chain.

“These heavy machine guns will bolster our capabilities in neutralizing enemy infantry and Russian light armored vehicles from distances up to 800 meters. Also they will aid in targeting low-flying aircraft, as well as suppressing enemy fire points and strongholds,” says commander of a machine gun unit, known as call sign ‘Fanat’.

The “OKO ZA OKO 2. Arm TDF to the Teeth” project started this April. Its goal is to raise 400 million hryvnias to buy 300 82 mm mortars, 200 heavy machine guns, and 100 automatic 40 mm grenade launchers. These weapons will sufficiently cover the insistent needs of 31 Territorial Defense Brigades currently protecting Ukraine. 60% of the targeted sum has already been collected.

For every liter of PULLS fuel purchased at an OKKO gas station, the company commits to transferring 1 hryvnia to the project’s funds. You can also directly donate to the designated Come Back Alive account.

“Thanks to our partnership with OKKO, the Territorial Defense Brigades are strengthening their firepower on the battlefield with new weaponry. This is our second joint project with OKKO, which contributes to the victory. Today we are arming the Territorial Defense Forces to the teeth. Earlier, we reinforced the Armed Forces with SHARK unmanned aerial systems”, says Taras Chmut, the Director of Come Back Alive.

Between November 2022 and April 2023, Come Back Alive and OKKO raised 325 million hryvnias and procured 25 SHARK unmanned aerial systems for the Defense Forces of Ukraine. 14 of these complexes are already working on the front line.