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The “Come Back Alive” Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army and the Portmone payment service have started raising UAH 50 million to purchase equipment for military cybers of the Armed Forces. During February 20-23, they accumulated more than UAH 1 million 460 thousand.

For security reasons and by agreement with the unit’s command, the detailed purchase list, as well as the name of the unit and information about its tasks, were not disclosed.

However, the project caused a resonance to which the Foundation’s team could not help but respond, so we collected answers to the most common questions about the fundraiser:

Who are the cyber forces or cyber military that the project is designed to help?

The cyber force or military cybers is a military unit of the Armed Forces that is subordinated to one of the departments of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was created by presidential decree and, with the beginning of the full-scale invasion, has been actively involved in countering russian aggression in cyberspace.

This is not the first time the Come Back Alive team has helped this military unit. In 2022, the needs of its military were met for more than UAH 8.7 million at the expense of benefactors.


What exactly will the Foundation buy, and what does the cyber offensive have to do with it?

The 50,000,000 UAH raised by the Come Back Alive team together with Portmone as part of this project will be used to purchase system, network, and other equipment to establish a data center in one of the military units of the Armed Forces. These technical means will provide intelligence information that the Armed Forces will use when planning actions on a real battlefield. The data center will also be used to search for enemy vulnerabilities and critical elements of their infrastructure, including cyber infrastructure.

Currently, the military unit of the Armed Forces, for whose needs the fundraiser is taking place, is successfully operating in hostile cyberspace. Its command and cyber soldiers are now ready to scale up their activities. The material and technical means to be acquired will significantly expand the list and complexity of tasks, and thus increase the damage to the enemy. The increase in the intensity of the cyber military’s work, which will unfold after the acquisition of the necessary equipment, is called the “cyber offensive.”

Their support for the project was expressed by the Communications and Cybersecurity Command of the Armed Forces in a post on their official Facebook page and by the Kruty Heroes Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization.

“We are confident that these answers will clear up at least some of the questions that the “Come Back Alive” benefactors may have had about the collection. Our team, together with our partners and cyber warriors, continues to work to ensure that you receive all the necessary information about the successes of the Ukrainian military in cyberspace,” 

– the organization summarizes.

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