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The largest batch in the history of «Come Back Alive»: The Foundation purchased thermal imaging optics for the army for €3.3 million

Жінка стоїть із піднятими руками посеред сотень коробок із тепловізійною технікою
Руслана Величко, юристка-волонтерка «Повернись живим», перша заступниця виконавчого директора Українського ветеранського фонду, займалася пошуком, контрактуванням та доставкою в Україну 925 одиниць тепловізійної оптики

The “Come Back Alive” Foundation made the largest purchase of thermal imaging optics in its history. The cost of this batch of equipment is 3 344 490 euros.

These funds were used to purchase 925 units of specialized optics — 355 thermal sights, 510 thermal imagers and 60 night vision monoculars.

The search, contracting, and delivery of this equipment to Ukraine was organized by a volunteer lawyer of the “Come Back Alive,” first deputy executive director of the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation, Ruslana Velychko.

“317 pages of permit documents and 23 additional documents for customs clearance. And then — a day of standing at customs during the energy collapse. And now 110 boxes or 1,573 kilograms of equipment are already in the Kyiv office of “Come Back Alive”, – Velychko says.

Snipers, scouts, front-line medics and other military professionals will receive, in particular:

  • 160 InfiRay FH 35LRF monoculars
  • 140 InfiRay Eye E6+ monoculars
  • 130 InfiRay Eye E6Pro monoculars
  • 80 InfiRay ZH38 monoculars
  • 40 InfiRay SCH50 thermal imaging weapon sights
  • 250 InfiRay RL42 thermal imaging weapon sights
  • 15 InfiRay RH 50 thermal imaging weapon sights
  • 50 thermal imaging attachments InfiRay CH50
  • 60 PVS 14 night vision monoculars with covers, mounts, helmet adapters, daylight filters and other accessories.

This amount of night optics for the Ukrainian Defense Forces will make it possible to cover the needs of three mechanized brigades completely or to supplement several brigades with the number of such equipment they lack. In the near future, the batch will be delivered to the units on a frontline.

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