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Over 7 Billion UAH Donated to Come Back Alive for Ukrainian Military

Колаж із платформ з військовою технікою, які складаються у напис 7 000 000 000 гривень

Since February 24, 2022, Come Back Alive, the Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Ukrainian Army, has fundraised over 7 billion UAH (about $210 million) to aid the Defense Forces of Ukraine. In total, during this time, the charity received 2,222,441 donations. The average donation amounts to 3,000 UAH.

These funds allowed, among other things, to make the following purchases for the Defense Forces:

  • Bayraktar TB2 unmanned combat aerial system;
  • 1,460 7.62-mm machine guns;
  • 186 120-mm mortars;
  • 11 PD-2 reconnaissance systems;
  • 25 Leleka-100 unmanned aerial systems, totaling 50 UAVs;
  • 25 SHARK unmanned aerial systems, totaling 75 UAVs;
  • over 800 new cars;
  • 11 armored vehicles;
  • 10 mobile maintenance stations;
  • over 31 000 radio transmitters;
  • 7050 units of night and thermal vision optics;
  • 6 725 drones.

“The Foundation raised its first billion to help the army just 5 days after the onset of the full-scale Russian invasion,” says Oleg Karpenko, Deputy Director of Come Back Alive. “Within the prior 8 years, Ukrainians entrusted us with about 281 million UAH. Since 2014, thanks to our competent, consistent, and transparent work on strengthening the army, we have become the largest and most well-known charity organization in Ukraine helping our defenders. The daily donations from hundreds of thousands of caring people and businesses, ranging from literally a few hryvnias to millions, have already helped our country persevere and will continue to influence the course of the war, bringing our victory closer.”