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Come Back Alive Selects 20 Participants for SportAmbassadors Project 

The Come Back Alive Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Ukrainian Army has selected 20 participants for the SportAmbassadors project. Between July and October, they will train in adaptive sports, coaching, mentoring, and leadership.

Before joining SportAmbassadors, each participant underwent a personal recovery journey following an injury sustained on the front line. Now, they are poised to assist other veterans in their local communities through this path.

“I see many of my brothers-in-arms fading away before my eyes upon returning from the frontline. They start destroying themselves with bad habits as they feel forgotten and useless. I returned from the frontline in 2014 in the same condition. But sports helped me get out of this state,” says one of the project participants, speaking about his motivation.

The SportAmbassadors project started this May. Within a month, the Foundation received a total of 77 applications. This is the second iteration of the initiative: we launched SportAmbassadors for the first time prior to the full-scale Russian invasion.

This year, the initiative is being implemented as a part of a project supported by the Democracy Commission of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.