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Second wind of Ukrainian combat "birds"

The guys at FlyTechnology have golden hands. They do a huge, painstaking, and high-tech job: they restore Ukrainian reconnaissance quadcopters, which were shot down or jammed by the occupiers.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the number of requests to Fly Technology from defenders with broken copters has become enormous. Now, most of the expenses for the reanimation of Ukrainian combat “birds” are financed by the “Come Back Alive” Foundation.

“We helped our aerial scouts to repair equipment even before February 24. But then the scale grew many times. Since March 1, we have repaired more than 250 quadcopters of various modifications for the military, and a significant part of this volume was done in cooperation with the “Come Back Alive” Foundation”, — says the head of the Fly Technology service center, Slava Zadorozhnyi. “For the convenience of our soldiers, we have simplified communication: we have standardized paperwork and we use Nova Poshta to deliver quadcopters for repair.”

Fly Technology specialists at work

Why is this work so important? Drones are the eyes of the Ukrainian army. The new russian invasion has made them critical for effective defense and counterattack, reconnaissance, and aiming artillery at the heads of the occupiers. Drones on the battlefield actually save the lives of our soldiers.

Quadcopters with thermal imagers are one of the most in-demand on the battlefield. The repair is many times cheaper than buying a new “bird”

“Come Back Alive” regularly delivers new birds to our defenders: dozens and sometimes even hundreds of quadcopters per week.

But the enemy opposes them with all its might: jams, reads the data to point artillery at the drone operator, and even knocks them down with a firearm.

Typical damage to a quadcopter that fell due to the actions of russian electric warfare (EW)

Fly Technology adapted russian trophy drones to the needs of the Armed Forces

Our partners at Fly Technology are dedicated and inventive. They managed to adapt russian trophy drones to the needs of the Armed Forces, avoiding their blocking by russia. They have found a solution to save video cameras and their mechanics (the most expensive unit in a quadcopter), and are currently preparing to print and cast the most sought-after parts for the Mavic and Autel product lines. For the latter trademark, they are the only certified service company in Ukraine.

Russian trophy drone is being adapted for the needs of the Armed Forces

“Even if the quadcopter was hit by a bullet or shrapnel and is badly damaged, you should not write it off. Send it to us!” — says Slava Zadorozhnyi.

He recalls a recent case: fighters sent 5 drones of the same model from the southern front. One of them was literally crushed and could not be restored. But it became the donor of spare parts for the remaining four, and now these birds continue to work for the air reconnaissance of the south.

The video camera and its mechanics are the most expensive part of the quadcopter

The guys can tell many more interesting things about their work. You can find more details in their Telegram.

Starting on February 24, the “Come Back Alive” Foundation financed the repair of 79 quadcopters of various types by Fly Technology specialists for a total amount of 992,506 UAH.

Our collaboration with them is one example of a partnership that strengthens the Army and brings our victory closer. And you can join the initiative too!

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