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740 Thermal Vision Units for Defence Forces

Розпаковані та запаковані коробки із тепловізорами AGM Fuzion LRF

Come Back Alive, the Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Ukrainian Army, procured 740 AGM Fuzion LRF thermal monoculars with laser rangefinders and bi-spectrum image fusion for the Defence Forces of Ukraine. This batch is worth 59,496,000 UAH (about $1,62 million).

The equipment is already being distributed among the military units. This amount can cover the primary needs of several brigades, or hundreds of assault groups, or observation posts.

Thermal vision optics make the detection of invaders possible despite their camouflage, thanks to thermal radiation. A group of soldiers equipped with these devices can work around the clock. An observation post with such optics is able to timely detect enemy movement. A reconnaissance group uses its range-finding functions to operate at night and adjust fire on detected enemy targets.

Previously, Come Back Alive equipped a mobile intelligence station worth over 41 million UAH for the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

Also, the Foundation has recently purchased 1,460 7.62-mm machine guns of foreign production for the military. The purchase amounted to 6,570,000 EUR. The weapons have already been distributed among 30 brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.