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"Come Back Alive" and OKKO hand over 300 mortars to the Army

The Come Back Alive Foundation and OKKO network have delivered to the army all 300 82 mm mortars purchased as part of the initiative “Eye for an Eye 2. Arm the Territorial Defence to the teeth”. 

“82-mm mortars are the main weapon at the company and sometimes battalion level. With them, our fighters can suppress the enemy at a distance of up to four kilometers in the offensive and defense. And the 300 new mortars delivered is a significant amount for the frontline,” says Oleh Karpenko, Deputy Director of the Come Back Alive Foundation.

UAH 400 million was raised for 82 mm mortars, machine guns and large-caliber grenade launchers for the Territorial Defense in April-December 2023. Last summer, the military received all 200 12.7 mm machine guns. In addition, they have already received 50 automatic grenade launchers of 40 mm caliber. Another 50 such grenade launchers remain to be shipped as part of the project. OKKO and Come Back Alive are awaiting the delivery of these weapons from the manufacturer.

“We are grateful to every Ukrainian driver who refueled with PULLS of Revenge at OKKO and thus contributed to the supply of machine guns, mortars and grenade launchers to the military. For the second year in a row, we have been transferring funds from every liter of our branded fuel sold to the Come Back Alive Foundation. During Eye for an Eye 2 we managed to accumulate 400 million UAH. While we are completing the transfer of weapons, Eye for an Eye 3 has started. This time the goal is even more ambitious,” comments Vasyl Dmytriv, OKKO Marketing Director.

As a reminder, the Come Back Alive Foundation and OKKO are raising UAH 500 million for the Air Assault Forces as part of the third joint project, Eye for an Eye 3. The units of the Air Assault Forces will receive 10 combat Pullstrons – reconnaissance and destruction systems worth UAH 50 million each. The Pullstrons will include attack and reconnaissance drones, transportation, communications, and everything necessary for control.

You can support the “Eye for an Eye 3” project by refueling at all OKKO filling stations with branded fuel: 1 UAH from each liter of Pulls 95 or Pulls Diesel automatically goes to the reconnaissance and destruction complexes for the Air Assault Forces. You can also support the project by transferring money to a special account or donating to the bank.
As part of the first joint initiative, Come Back Alive and OKKO raised UAH 325 million in November 2022 – April 2023 for 25 Shark reconnaissance systems for the Defense Forces. As of September 2023, the Foundation has handed over all the reconnaissance systems to the army.

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