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"Come Back Alive" delivered the biggest charity project to support Ukrainian army


The team of the “Come Back Alive” Foundation, which provides targeted and effective support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has purchased 10 PD-2 UAV systems. They include mobile ground control stations and the total amount of the deal is approx. 300 million UAH or 8.5 million USD.

The PD-2 UAVs will be able to perform target acquisition and artillery fire spotting for HIMARS and other artillery systems.

This was reported by the Foundation on its official Facebook page.

«All 10 complexes will be operated by experienced professional operators. It is pretty simple – we spent millions donated by regular people to get those PD-2 drones. These are operational-tactical level UAVs. One should not operate these drones without proper training and they should not be used for all kinds of targets. PD-2 will spot strategically important targets for, to name a few, Tochka-U(SS-21 Scarab A) tactical ballistic missile systems and the US HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems”

this was reported by the Come Back Alive team.

10 PD-2 complexes include 20 drones and 10 ground vehicles converted into mobile command and control posts.

PD-2 is a multipurpose reconnaissance unmanned aerial system produced in Ukraine. The UkrSpecSystems company developed these drones and has localized the production cycle in Ukraine. This UAV is one of the few Ukrainian drone systems with a range of more than 200 km. That is possible due to the use of an internal combustion engine that provides longer autonomous flight than its electric-powered counterparts.  PD-2 can fly for 1000 kilometers or more without refueling. PD-2 does not require an airfield to take off. These UAVs have landing gear and take off vertically.

PD-2 can stay in the air for up to 12 hours. This UAV has a high-quality payload. Its thermal imaging cameras have 5x optical zoom with 30x zoom on its daylight cameras. Why is that so important? Because PD-2 can pinpoint coordinates of targets at a distance of 5 km with high precision using only its cameras.

This UAV uses military-grade communications standards including Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). It has maximum possible shielding from enemy electronic warfare systems, thus PD-2 is resistant to control and GPS navigation channels jamming. PD-2 can also automatically follow target movements. If, for example, a russian tank is moving within the sight of the drone, the camera of a PD-2 can follow it automatically.

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