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"Come Back Alive" obtained a license to purchase lethal weapons

The Come Back Alive Foundation is the first charity organization in Ukraine to obtain a license for the purchase of military and dual-use goods including lethal weapons.

This was reported by the Foundation on its official Facebook page.

This license allows the Foundation to purchase goods directly from manufacturers without intermediaries. Not only does this make prices lower but it also protects the Foundation from rogue suppliers.

“Sure, we will place greater focus on lethal weapons which will strengthen our Armed Forces. We are ready and capable to purchase and provide the Armed Forces with armed drones, helicopters, ammunition, and other goods which will lead us to victory“

the Foundation’s page reports.

It is also specified that Come Back Alive became the first foundation in Ukraine to obtain official permission to purchase military goods abroad.

“Since the end of March, the Foundation has been registered as a subject of International transfers of goods and, in particular, military goods in terms of state export control of Ukraine. Since then we have been able to provide not only certain kinds of optics, radios, etc. But also lethal weapons that have been adopted by the Armed Forces of USA as well as advanced European countries.”

says Ruslana Velychko, a volunteer at the Foundation

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