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"Come Back Alive" signed a contract for the purchase of 25 "Leleka-100" UAV complexes for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Foundation of component army support “Come Back Alive” signed a contract for the purchase of 25 “Leleka-100” reconnaissance unmanned aerial systems. The UAVs will be handed over to units and subunits of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to restore the combat capability of the air reconnaissance units of the Ukrainian army.

Taras Chmut, director of “Come Back Alive”, announced this on his Facebook page.

The total cost of the complexes is about 45 million UAH. This amount includes the price of the complexes in the top configuration, as well as training and skill-ups of UAV operators, ZIP (“a set intended for the operation and repair of equipment“), service, and maintenance.

According to the head of “Come Back Alive”, this step of the organization is aimed to restore and strengthen the effectiveness of the Ukrainian artillery, which adjusted the fire from UAVs to hit the enemy and confirm the results of its own work more accurately.

“This UAV is located in the niche of a battalion/brigade and can effectively ensure the operation of brigade-level impression equipment from the air  — self-propelled artillery 2S1 “Gvozdyka”, 2S3 “Akatsia”, MRL BM-21 “Grad”, etc. (…) But there is one but — in a month and a half, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost most of these complexes. Unfortunately, there is no way without it. But even our artillery cannot work effectively “as in the 1944th” without correction from the sky. It is precisely to solve the shortage of “aerial eyes” that the fund of competent army support “Come Back Alive” signed an agreement to produce 25 “Leleka-100″ complexes at a cost of ~ 45 million UAH,” says Taras Chmut in the publication.

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