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Operation Unity 2: New Year's Fireworks: Foundation receives first batch of FPV drones

The “Come Back Alive” Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army, together with UNITED24 and monobank, have received the first batch of 2020 kamikaze drones purchased as part of Operation Unity 2: New Year’s Fireworks.

The Foundation and partners raised more than UAH 226 million for 5,000 FPV drones and ammunition on December 13-15, 2023. 3,000 FPV drones with thermal imaging cameras and 2,000 with daytime cameras were purchased abroad, and the cumulative and high-explosive munitions were purchased from Ukrainian manufacturers.

The drones will be delivered to the troops by the “Come Back Alive” Foundation.

“We have received the first 2020 FPV drones as part of the Operation Unity 2: New Year’s Fireworks jointly with UNITED24 and monobank,” says Taras Chmut, director of the “Come Back Alive” Foundation. The drones we purchased are bigger in size. Accordingly, they can carry two batteries, which will increase the flight time and combat radius to 20 km with a 2.5 kg payload. For shorter distances, they can carry twice as much munition. Once we receive the batteries and ammunition made in Ukraine, we will distribute all the FPVs to numerous crews along the entire front line.”

“Ukrainians have once again impressed us with their unity by raising funds for 5,000 FPV drones and their combat unit in three days. What does this mean? Thousands of saved lives of Ukrainian soldiers, destruction of enemy equipment and personnel, as well as great Ukrainian revenge for every terrorist attack on our cities, for lost homes and taken lives. We continue to do everything we can to strengthen our defenders with FPV drones,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology of Ukraine, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

The second batch of kamikaze drones is due to arrive in Ukraine in February.

Last year in August, during the first joint collection, “Come Back Alive” Operation Unity, together with UNITED24 and monobank, raised UAH 235,000,000 for 10,000 FPV drones and ammunition in three days. 
In December, “Come Back Alive” announced that it had handed over all 10,000 drones it had purchased as part of the fundraising to the Defense Forces. They were delivered to 53 military units, including units of the Land and Air Assault Forces, Special Operations Forces and Territorial Defense, as well as servicemen of the Security Service of Ukraine’s Special Operations Center “A”.

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