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The Foundation and Ukrnafta handed over FPV drones, night vision devices and generators worth 62.5 million UAH

Фото: В'ячеслав Ратинський

The Come Back Alive Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army together with Ukrnafta have provided the 82nd Separate Air Assault Brigade with FPV drones, night vision devices and generators.

For UAH 62,563,639.9 of the company’s contribution, the Foundation purchased for the military fighting in the Tauride sector:

  • 2,000 kamikaze drones, which will be used by the paratroopers to burn down russian armored vehicles and stop enemy assaults;
  • 200 army-standard night vision devices that will allow for field reconnaissance or surveillance in the dark, night battles and assaults;
  • 50 generators with a capacity of 3.3 kW to provide backup power, equipment charge, etc.

As a reminder, in January, Come Back Alive together with Ukrnafta provided the 82nd separate air assault brigade with vehicles and equipment worth UAH 33,399,605.9.

The military received 20 new pickup trucks and additional sets of tires. The brigade also received 25 DJI Mavic 3E daytime drones, 20 DJI Mavic 3T drones with thermal imaging optics and 30 signal amplifiers for them. In addition, hundreds of Motorola car and portable radios, electronic warfare equipment, charging stations and optical sights.

The Foundation and Ukrnafta also restored 10 armored vehicles for the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. UAH 25 191 500 of the company’s donation was spent on repaired MT-LB and BMP-1 multipurpose tracked vehicles.

In February, the Foundation and Ukrnafta provided the 10th separate mountain assault brigade Edelweiss with FPV drones, quadcopters and bomber unmanned aerial vehicles worth UAH 51,724,648.7.

Photo: Viacheslav Ratynskyi

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