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"Come Back Alive" and Nova Poshta hand over mobile command posts to the Air Force

The Come Back Alive Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army together with Nova Poshta have delivered mobile command posts (“MCPs”) to the Ukrainian Air Force, the last component of the joint project “Pack the Sky – Upgrade Air Defence”.

The MCPs will be delivered to the sky guardians from the Centre Air Command. The quantity produced for them will be enough to fully cover the urgent need for such equipment.

The mobile command posts are a development of the Come Back Alive Foundation and the air defence military. Built on the basis of four-wheel drive trucks and designed to the smallest detail, these mobile living and working modules are completely energy and heat-independent. The MCP is the brain of the Ukrainian air defence operations and the place from where orders to shoot down enemy missiles, drones and aircraft will be given in seconds.

The Foundation and Nova Poshta have already delivered six batches of equipment to air defence units as part of the Pack the Sky – Upgrade Air Defence project. In addition to mobile command posts, the Centre Air Command received:

  • telecommunication kits – backpacks that contain all the necessary types of communication for mobile fire groups. In fact, these are autonomous hubs with secure communications that allow crews to receive orders, information on target movement, and other data for their destruction in a timely manner.
  • complex hardware communications – pass-through trucks equipped with all the necessary equipment, machinery, and secure communications to effectively perform combat missions. CHCs are completely energy and heat independent. In simple terms, these equipped vehicles are the nervous system of air defense. They accompany air defense missile systems;
  • portable communication and control kits are suitcases weighing up to 60 kg, equipped with the necessary telecommunication facilities, office equipment and easily folded into a modern mobile command post with workplaces for our soldiers.

As a reminder, Come Back Alive together with Nova Poshta raised UAH 330 million to strengthen air defense as part of the Pack the Sky – Upgrade Air Defense project. The initiative started on June 1 and ended on December 26.

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