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"Come Back Alive" and Nova Poshta hand over complex communication equipment to the Air Force

The Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Army “Come Back Alive” together with Nova Poshta have delivered the third batch of equipment to the Air Command “Center” as part of the project “Protect the Sky – Upgrade Air Defense”. The air defense units received integrated communication systems (ICS).

These are the vehicles that accompany air defense missile systems. These are cross-country trucks equipped with all the necessary equipment, machinery, and secure communications to perform combat missions effectively. ICSs are completely energy- and heat-independent. Simply put, these equipped vehicles are the nervous system of air defense.  

The cost of one complex communication system is about UAH 7 million. For security reasons, the Foundation cannot disclose the exact number of ICSs delivered under the Protect the Sky – Upgrade Air Defense project. But all of them are already in the army and are helping to protect Kyiv, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, and other cities and villages in the central part of the country.

“The complex communication equipment was developed by the Foundation’s specialists together with the military and manufactured in Ukraine. The ICSs have universal workstations for organizing and maintaining communication, but at any time they can be used as a command headquarters vehicle,” says Oleksiy Dubynka, a consultant for Come Back Alive. “The complex communication equipment has conditions for autonomous operation in terms of both power supply and life support: air conditioning, ventilation, and heating. The Foundation has already provided a large number of units with such equipment, and they work. This project should become the basis for the development of communications in the Air Force and the Army.”

“This is the first project in Ukraine to provide the Air Force with comprehensive communications,” says Olena Plakhova, Director of Reputation Management at Nova Poshta. “As soon as we opened the fundraiser, the Foundation immediately started working with contractors, manufacturers, and engineers, which allowed us to transfer the equipment before the end of the fundraiser. In October, the first two batches of equipment were already at the Air Command Center.”

In October, the Foundation and Nova Poshta handed over two batches of equipment to the air defense units.

A batch of wearable communication and control kits and telecommunication kits and related equipment.

  • Wearable communication kits are transforming workstations for the defenders of the sky, which are placed in a 60 kg case.
  • Telecommunication kits are backpacks that contain all the necessary types of communication for mobile fire teams. In fact, it is an autonomous hub with secure communication that will allow the crew to receive orders, information about the target’s movement, and other data for its destruction in time.

As a reminder, “Come Back Alive” together with Nova Poshta raised UAH 330 million to strengthen air defense as part of the “Protect the Sky – Upgrade Air Defense” project. The initiative started on June 1 and ended on December 26.