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"Come Back Alive" purchased HMMWV repair stations for almost €2.15 millon

Мобільні ремонтувальні станції
Мобільні ремонтувальні станції

The Come Back Alive Foundation purchased 6 new mobile repair stations for HMMWV as well as other Western armored and non-armored vehicles totaling 2.148 million EUR.

This was reported on the Foundation`s official Facebook page.

“This is a comprehensive solution that will enable the repair and maintenance of American off-road vehicles near the frontline in a matter of hours. This will fulfill the needs of several units and most importantly – without removing this important equipment for a long time from our positions and depriving our soldiers of vehicles”

the Foundation’s post states.

Currently, a small team of trained Ukrainian specialists carries out technical inspection and repairs of armored and tented HMMWV modifications that have been provided by partners and purchased in the USA for the needs of the airborne troops, units of Special Operations  Forces, Marines, and other branches of the Armed Forces. These specialists use Soviet repair stations based on ZIL-trucks or improvised repair trucks equipped with the help of the Come Back Alive team.

However, according to the commander of this repair unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the existing equipment is outdated and does not allow to perform the scale of work required by the current situation on the fronts of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“The work of this team is very often limited by logistics because, for more serious repairs, a damaged or broken vehicle needs to be towed hundreds of kilometers to a place with all facilities and tools to bring the HMMWV back to life. This is a huge waste of resources, fuel, and, most importantly, time, which is limited. Without a battle-ready vehicle, the successful performance of the combat mission is at risk as well as the lives of our defenders”

the Come Back Alive team says.

In order to facilitate the work of the repairmen and allow them to efficiently repair HMMWVs and other Western vehicles in the combat zone, the Foundation purchased 6 modern mobile repair stations at a cost of 2.148 million EUR. These vehicles are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment for comfortable work in the field, and since these are new trucks, they will without a doubt be reliable for a long time.

Currently, the “Come Back Alive” Foundation has purchased 6 such repair stations. They will be transferred to Ukraine soon and provided to the appropriate unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Mobile repair stations will be in Ukraine soon. And Ukrainian defenders will witness the result of this project. Its potential is difficult to underestimate because hundreds of new armored vehicles and cars from allies are arriving in Ukraine now, and it is these situations that will make their service life longer. This is the story of how the Foundation’s team is investing in the future of the Armed Forces”

the team sums up in the publication.

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