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"Come Back Alive" raised over $100 million for Ukrainian army since full scale invasion started


From February 24th to May 16th the Come Back Alive Foundation raised 100 million USD. 

This was published on the official Facebook page of Come Back Alive.

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, 3,498,665,623.37 UAH or more than 100 million USD were transferred to the banking accounts of Come Back Alive according to the financial records published online. This number does not include donations in cryptocurrency. 

“Thanks to your donations, we are, in particular, modernizing the air defense so that Ukrainians can say: “This was not an airstrike, our forces shot down an enemy missile!”. We provide mobile fire teams with cars so that the news says: “The Ukrainian military shot down 10 enemy drones in one day.” We are buying quadcopters so that the artillery can radio to the aerial reconnaissance guys: “The russians – have lost a  tank again! Artillery spotters – you rock!” So that our servicemen will come back alive. And so that every russian scumbag knows that the people of Ukraine will do everything to drive him and people like him out of our land,”

says the post.

The Come Back Alive team is thankful to all those who support the Ukrainian army. You can donate by using the link below.

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