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The Come Back Alive Foundation bought and transferred a Bayraktar TB2 complex to the Ukrainian military

Комплекс Bayraktar TB2

The Come Back Alive Foundation, which provides targeted support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was the first NGO in Ukraine to purchase a Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle complex for a total cost of USD 16,502,450.

It is not just drones, but a military-grade autonomous system.

It includes:

— three Bayraktar strike drones;

— air communication system;

— mobile ground control system;

— terrestrial data transmission terminal;

— friend or foe identification system;

— several dozen guided air munitions;

— other necessary ground equipment and spare parts.

Ukrainian defenders received the Bayraktar TB2 complex from “Come Back Alive”
(Photo by Maksym Lymanskyi)

“The organization of such agreements, contracting and logistics imposes certain restrictions on publicity. But it significantly speeds up transfer of the system to the end user, and I am grateful to the Come Back Alive team for entrusting me the management of this project from the beginning to the very end,” Ruslana Velychko says, the volunteer of Foundation, lawyer and first deputy executive director of the Ukrainian Veterans Fund.

The Foundation was licensed to import military goods back in March of this year to make the purchase possible. The license includes importing lethal weapons.

Taras Chmut, director of the Come Back Alive Foundation, concludes: “We are ready to keep providing the Ukrainian army with everything necessary, including, in particular, equipment and weapons. But such agreements demand silence until they are implemented. Every hryvnia or dollar donated every day to the Foundation allows us to implement the most ambitious ideas and, together with other donors, brings closer the day of our joint victory.”

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