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Комплекс Bayraktar TB2

The Come Back Alive Foundation bought and transferred a Bayraktar TB2 complex to the Ukrainian military

The Come Back Alive Foundation was the first NGO in Ukraine to purchase a Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle complex for a total cost of USD 16,502,450

26 Jul 2022, 18:13


Second wind of Ukrainian combat "birds"

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the number of requests to Fly Technology from defenders with broken copters has become enormous. Now, most of the expenses for the reanimation of Ukrainian combat "birds" are financed by the "Come Back Alive" Foundation.

06 Jul 2022, 18:17

КВМС Пікапи

Navy command changed the fleet table of organization to implement "Come Back Alive" project

The Come Back Alive Foundation provided all Navy divisions with off-road vehicles, and also handed over radios and other equipment to the sailors for a total amount of almost 18 million UAH. The table of organization of the Ukrainian Navy was changed specifically for this purpose.

03 Jul 2022, 14:45

Мобільні ремонтувальні станції

"Come Back Alive" purchased HMMWV repair stations for almost €2.15 millon

The Come Back Alive Foundation purchased 6 new mobile repair stations for HMMWV as well as other Western armored and non-armored vehicles totaling 2.148 million EUR.

30 Jun 2022, 14:27


"Come Back Alive" delivered the biggest charity project to support Ukrainian army

The team of the "Come Back Alive" Foundation, which provides targeted and effective support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has purchased 10 PD-2 UAV systems. They include mobile ground control stations and the total amount of the deal is approx. 300 million UAH or 8.5 million USD.

24 Jun 2022, 08:39

"Come Back Alive" obtained a license to purchase lethal weapons

The Come Back Alive Foundation is the first charity organization in Ukraine to obtain a license for the purchase of military and dual-use goods including lethal weapons.

22 Jun 2022, 14:45

The "Shield" effect: What video surveillance of the enemy means for the borderlands of Ukraine?

At the beginning of April, the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the north of Ukraine from the hordes of russian invaders. However, the military threat from this direction has not disappeared anywhere. Are there ways to protect yourself from hostile "surprises" and instantly react to the aggressive actions of the enemy?

16 Jun 2022, 10:46


"Come Back Alive" raised over $100 million for Ukrainian army since full scale invasion started

From February 24th to May 16th the Come Back Alive Foundation raised 100 million USD. 

26 May 2022, 00:21


"Come Back Alive" purchased 51 off-road vehicles for Ukrainian Soldiers

"Come Back Alive" managed to purchase more than fifty pickup trucks from abroad for the needs of Ukrainian soldiers.

02 May 2022, 14:08

Що робити з трофеями, які здобувають українські захисники на полі бою

What to do with trophies earned by Ukrainian defenders on the battlefield

Recently the mass media has exploded with headlines such as "there are already more tanks in Ukraine than at the beginning of combat operations." Ukrainian defenders continue to seize new military trophies. However, not everything can be taken into battle and used against the enemy here and now. Some of the trophies need major repairs, which cannot be fully launched in Ukraine (at least in the conditions of this intensity of fighting that we are seeing now).

02 May 2022, 14:03