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How the funds raised by Polish people on Bayraktar helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine: "Come Back Alive completes $1.8 million international project

The Come Back Alive Foundation for Competent Army Assistance has handed over two maintenance workshops worth €740,000 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The charity has thus completed a project to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, funded by about $1.8 million from the money raised by the Polish people on Bayraktar for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

15 Sep 2023, 08:47

How and why the Kremlin is holding "elections" in the occupied territories

The Kremlin is preparing to hold so-called elections in the occupied territories of Ukraine on Russia's Single Election Day on 10 September 2023. The "elections", which will be held in two dozen russian regions, are planned for all the occupied territories. The only difference is that in the Crimea, voters will have to "elect" a representative to the Russian State Duma and the Ternovska Municipal Council of Sevastopol.

30 Aug 2023, 11:40

The Foundation Raises Over 8 Billion UAH to Support Ukrainian Military

Since February 24, 2022, Come Back Alive, the Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Ukrainian Army, has raised over 8 billion UAH to aid the Defense Forces of Ukraine. In total, the charity received 2,530,411 donations during this period, with the average donation amounting to 3,000 UAH.

23 Aug 2023, 06:42

Territorial Defense Forces Receive 200 Heavy Machine Guns

Come Back Alive, the Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Ukrainian Army, provided the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine with 200 heavy machine guns. This is the inaugural batch of the “OKO ZA OKO 2. Arm TDF to the Teeth” project – a collaboration between Come Back Alive and OKKO Gas Station Chain.

11 Aug 2023, 07:02

Partnership without borders: Ukrainian Territorial Defense receives training center from Come Back Alive, people of Poland, and Baykar collaboration

Come Back Alive, the Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Ukrainian Army, has delivered a mobile modular camp worth $1.2 million to the Training Center of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This project was made possible thanks to the support from the people of Poland and Turkish company Baykar.

31 Jul 2023, 06:39

Protest dynamics and the Kremlin state capacity to reaction and countermeasures

This document is a public (abbreviated) part of the closed research under the title “Transformation of Russian Statehood” conducted by the Analytical Department NGO “Come Back Alive!”.

28 Jul 2023, 12:50

No alternative. Ukraine’s full fledged NATO membership is the only efficient security guarantee

Ukrainian partners, among them NATO members, have number of prejudices regarding Ukraine’s full fledged membership in NATO. Our document suggests change of approach as to how guarantee Ukrainian security and prevent further Russian attempts to impose upon world security architecture on its own terms.

07 Jul 2023, 15:17

Generalization and assessment of Territorial Defense Forces application experience in 2022

This policy brief contains a succinct history of development and application of Territorial Defense Forces (TDF) after 24 February 2022.

06 Jul 2023, 06:57

Бійці Сил оборони України зі зброєю від фонду

Your Money Is Our Weapon: Ukrainians Invest Over 2 Billion Hryvnias in Summer Offensive

Between February 1 and May 9, 2023, the Come Back Alive Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Ukrainian Army spent 2,088,602,607.92 hryvnias to support the Defense Forces of Ukraine in preparation for their summer offensive campaign.

03 Jul 2023, 07:44

Командир групи саперів Сил підтримки ЗСУ Юлія

"They mine houses without any military purpose, but to cause damage"

We Live Here project: we are raising UAH 175 million to provide transport and necessary equipment for 146 engineering and demining groups of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Support Force to speed up demining in the country and protect the defenders who are engaged in it.

28 Jun 2023, 06:15

Come Back Alive Selects 20 Participants for SportAmbassadors Project 

The Come Back Alive Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Ukrainian Army has selected 20 participants for the SportAmbassadors project. Between July and October, they will train in adaptive sports, coaching, mentoring, and leadership.

27 Jun 2023, 06:07

Чорна коробка палає на фоні стіни

Black Box Project Inflicts Over $700 Million Worth of Damage on Enemy Forces

In the last month alone, the occupiers have suffered more than $700 million in losses, attributable to the Black Box. This joint secret project is the result of collaboration between the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Come Back Alive Foundation for Competent Assistance to the Ukrainian Army, and blogger Ihor Lachenkov.

05 Jun 2023, 11:57