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The Armed Forces of Ukraine received mobile workshops for repairing HMMWVs at the frontline

By the end of the year, «Come Back Alive» will transfer to the Ukrainian Defence Forces six mobile repair workshops totally, worth 2 million 148 thousand euros

The «Come Back Alive» foundation handed over two mobile complexes for the maintenance and repair of HMMWV (Humvee) to the Ukrainian Army. By the end of the year, the foundation plans to supply the Army with four more.

The price of one mobile complex is 320,000 euros. The total worth of the deal is 2,148 million euros.

For example, Humvees are used on the frontlines as chassis for mobile anti-aircraft missile systems. Now, Ukrainian soldiers can repair these vehicles directly in the combat zone. Previously, it could take weeks to take broken-down HMMWVs to stationary workshops and fix them.

These repair shops are modern cars designed by the PULSAR company specifically to order and appreciate the military’s wishes. Each vehicle is equipped, in particular, with a manipulator, a generator, a compressor, and a mobile tire changer. The personnel of the manufacturing company not only shipped the cars to the military but also conducted instruction for the servicemen. PULSAR employees demonstrated the full potential and capabilities of the workshop.

«This is a real mobile workshop for the maintenance and reparation of NATO-type equipment», – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine says.

It is essential not only to receive modern equipment from the West but also to maintain combat capability and show that Ukraine is able to use it effectively, says Taras Chmut, a Head of the «Come Back Alive»:

«If we receive a thousand Humvees today, they will have to be repaired in half a year. There should be an appropriate infrastructure for this. We didn’t have enough. Therefore, we launched this project in the summer. It`s one more piece of evidence of a systematic approach to solving problems and not just «closing of holes».

Previously «Come Back Alive» handed over 11 armored vehicles to the 36th Marines Brigade. This happened at the beginning of September. These vehicles were purchased thanks to donations from the foundation’s benefactors. The total cost of this armored vehicles is 2,321 million euros.

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